Who Are the churches of Christ and What Do They Believe In?

We are Christians, no more no less.  Our congregation represents one of many that make up the church that Christ established on Pentecost (Acts Chapter 2).  We follow the doctrine of the new covenant as the divinely inspired Word of God.  We worship in accordance with the pattern established in the New Testament.  It is our goal to serve and worship God as his Word teaches without adding to or taking away from it (Rev 22:18.)  

We also seek to serve and spread God's Word throughout the community and to support mission works and community outreach programs.  As members of the body, we are true family.  We spend our time inside and outside of worship with each other and exemplify the Christian characteristics of love, kindness, and hospitality.  We would be thrilled to have you join us, and we would make sure you feel at home. 

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North Cobb Church of Christ