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In Bible studies it may be useful to look at what others have written on various topics.  However, it must be kept in mind that God's Word is the only true authority.  So, please confirm that anything you read written by men is in accordance with God's Word.  

North Cobb Church of Christ

The Truth In Love - Half-hour television programs, devotionals, and free archived educational resources.  To visit this site click here.

Christian Courier - If you're studying a Bible topic, then chances are this site has written about it in a thorough way. To visit this site click here.

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World Video Bible School - Free lessons regarding books of Bible and various Biblical topics and other  educational resources.  To visit this site clickhere.

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New American Standard Bible - Search for verses in the New American Standard Bible.  To visit this site click here.

King James Bible Resources - Word searches and dictionary for King James Bible.  To visit this site click here.

The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies - a non-profit, tuition free, educational institution sponsored by churches of Christ in Georgia.  GSOP is designed to prepare preachers and Christians for fruitful service in the Lord's Church.  To visit this site click here.